Woodside Cemetery, Gun Plain Township, Michigan

Transcription of Woodside cemetery in Gun Plain Township, Michigan, taken in 1936 and containing all gravestones found at that time.

Woodside Cemetery is one mile north and two tenths of a mile east of the city of Plainwell on the south side of the old Territorial road. It was originally the burying ground of the Plainfield Presbyterian Church (now the First Presbyterian Church of Plainwell, Mich.). The town clerk has no plat of this cemetery.

Woodside Cemetery

Listings are generally alphabetical except there is an inclusion of a Robertson plot at the end of the typescript.


Anderson, Arnold, Ashbee, Bailey, Batchelor, Bellingham, Blake, Bliss, Bonson, Brigham, Brower, Brown, Buckwell, Burchett, Burnett, Burt, Bush, Calkins, Chambers, Clark, Conrad, Cory, Crittenden, Dann, Davidson, Dedrick, Delano, Downing, Doxey, Dunham, Earl, Edson, Emery, Estes, Flockhart, Forbes, Fuller, Goldsmith, Grabill, Gray, Hall, Haskell, Hawley, Hay, Henika, Honeywell, Hooker, House, Howard, Hudden, Hunt, Hyder, Ives, Keelsy, Keith, Kennicott, Knapp, Larking, Madden, Maltby, Mansfield, Mapes, McGruda, McMartin, Mills, Monteith, Munroe, Murphy, Myers, Naregange, Newell, Nichols, Norton, Phetteplace, Pierce, Pierson, Price, Rex, Richmond, Roberts, Robinson, Rouse, Russell, Sarber, Seeley, Serjent, Sliter, Smith, Spear, Stearns, Stewart, Stoddard, Storms, Stout, Sunby, Sutherland, Tallman, Tanner, Thompson, Travis, Tuthill, Upjohn, VanVranken, Warrant, Whitcomb, White, Whitney, Williams, Wing, Woolley, Wren.


Monteith, Ruth Marian Robbins, Cemetery Inscriptions of Allegan County, Michigan, Martin, Michigan : R.R. Monteith, 1952.

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