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Michigan Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Michigan ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Michigan history.

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  • Richland : its sons and daughters
    “Richland: Its Sons and Daughters” by Lorenz H. Loesel offers a comprehensive review of the first century of Richland Township, located in Saginaw County, Michigan. Authored in the aftermath of the township’s centennial celebrations in 1962, the book emerges from a deep-seated interest in local heritage among the community’s residents—an interest that prompted the Richland Township Board to commission and fund this work, with hopes of recouping the investment through book sales. The book covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the early pioneers like Lemuel and Martin Cone to the development of local infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and schools, including the history of the Hemlock School District. It delves into the civic, religious, and educational growth of the township, spotlighting key figures and events that have shaped its trajectory. The narrative also touches on challenges faced by the community, including pandemics and disasters like the 1906 fire of Hemlock, Michigan, showcasing the resilience and solidarity of its people.

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Biography of Alfred Franklin Rice Braley

Alfred Franklin Rice Braley, a respected pioneer of Saginaw City, Michigan, was born in New York in 1828 into a family of farmers. He pursued education in the classics and law, opening a practice in New York before health issues led him to Ohio. Braley returned to New York during an illness but eventually settled in Saginaw City in 1862, where he became a successful businessman in salt manufacturing, banking, and civic affairs. Known for his honesty and integrity, Braley contributed to raising Civil War volunteers despite not enlisting, served as mayor, and improved municipal conditions. He died in 1880,…

Biography of William C. Phipps

William C. Phipps played a vital role in turning Saginaw into a key wholesale hub, establishing a major grocery business during a downturn in the lumber industry. Born in 1861 in Ohio to parents Jesse and Isabelle Phipps, he moved to Saginaw at 18. Starting as a reporter, Phipps transitioned to mercantile work, gaining valuable experience. He eventually led Wells-Stone Mercantile Company’s lumbermen’s supply business before creating Phipps, Penoyer & Company, expanding the wholesale grocery trade extensively. Phipps, married twice and father to two, was private yet community-minded, with strong literary interests. He passed away in 1915 following a protracted…

Biography of Joseph Warren Fordney

Joseph Warren Fordney, a highly esteemed resident of Saginaw County, was born in 1853 to John and Achsah Fordney in Indiana. Moving to Michigan in 1869, he worked in a logging camp from sixteen, later becoming an expert in timberland valuation and successful in business. Fordney engaged in civic duties, served as city council member in 1895, and was elected congressman in 1898 for the Eighth District, holding the position for eighteen years. Noted for his support of farmers and mechanics, his defense of the protective tariff, and his unsuccessful fight to maintain a sugar duty, he earned great respect….

Biography of William Seelye Linton

A pivotal figure in Saginaw’s history, William Seelye Linton, born in 1856, has been integral to the city’s progress throughout the last fifty years. With ancestral ties to William Penn’s followers, Linton’s life has been a tapestry of industry and civic leadership. Starting as a clerk and quickly ascending to manage his father’s lumber and salt businesses, he has been involved in Saginaw’s development since childhood. His political career includes serving as a state representative, ushering in important legislation and as mayor of Saginaw. Linton’s contributions range from park creations to urban improvements, earning him widespread recognition, including accolades from…

Biography of Ezra Rust

Ezra Rust, born in Vermont in 1832, significantly impacted Saginaw’s development. His family moved to Michigan when he was young, and he spent his early years working in logging and steam boating before returning to run a sawmill. Through consistent saving, he built his fortune by investing in timber lands, eventually forming successful partnerships in lumbering and salt manufacturing. He was also involved in iron-ore in Minnesota. Married to Emma B. Mather, they had two daughters who died in infancy; Emma passed away in 1913. Ezra remarried and adopted a daughter in 1913-1914. Known for his generosity and community improvement…

Biography of Charles Starkwether Kimberly

Charles Starkweather Kimberly, born on December 23, 1826, in Warsaw, New York, played a notable role in Michigan’s early timber and land businesses. His father, Ebenezer C. Kimberly, settled in Shiawassee County after investing in timber land. Charles joined his father in Michigan before he turned twenty and took over his father’s responsibilities after his passing in 1856. Charles was influential in timber land transactions and development in Saginaw County, founding the village of St. Charles. He also ran a general store to serve local settlers, shipping goods by boat and later by rail. Charles married Susan Elise Naglee in…
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