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Michigan Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Michigan ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Michigan history.

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  • Richland : its sons and daughters
    “Richland: Its Sons and Daughters” by Lorenz H. Loesel offers a comprehensive review of the first century of Richland Township, located in Saginaw County, Michigan. Authored in the aftermath of the township’s centennial celebrations in 1962, the book emerges from a deep-seated interest in local heritage among the community’s residents—an interest that prompted the Richland Township Board to commission and fund this work, with hopes of recouping the investment through book sales. The book covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the early pioneers like Lemuel and Martin Cone to the development of local infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and schools, including the history of the Hemlock School District. It delves into the civic, religious, and educational growth of the township, spotlighting key figures and events that have shaped its trajectory. The narrative also touches on challenges faced by the community, including pandemics and disasters like the 1906 fire of Hemlock, Michigan, showcasing the resilience and solidarity of its people.

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Early Roads & Railroads in Richland Township MI

The article provides a glimpse into the early days of settlement in Richland Township during the 1860s, focusing on the challenges settlers faced due to the lack of roads, bridges, and paths. It details the efforts of pioneers like August C. Fiting, who, amidst a thick forest and with no modern conveniences, had to create their own routes for basic communication and transportation. Through narratives of crossing the Tittabawassee River, constructing log houses, and the eventual development of roads and a railroad, the article illustrates the transformation of the area from an isolated wilderness to a connected community, emphasizing the…

Church History of Richland Township MI

This article explores the religious diversity and development within the early settlement of Richland, focusing on the Methodist, Lutheran, and Catholic communities. It highlights the initial absence of formal churches and how settlers maintained their faith through services held in homes or nearby established churches. The narrative emphasizes the significant role religion played in shaping the community’s identity, leading to the eventual establishment of organized congregations and the construction of the first church buildings. This historical reflection celebrates the perseverance and faith of Richland’s pioneers, whose efforts fostered a rich religious heritage and community spirit that continues to resonate today.

History of Hemlock City, Michigan

This article explores the rich history of Hemlock City, delving into its early days as a lumber town with a narrative that intertwines local lore, personal anecdotes, and historical records. Through conversations with local historian Mr. Earl and the discovery of a poem about the town’s founders, the article sheds light on the foundational figures of Hemlock, notably Mr. Glasby, a key businessman and community builder. It recounts the development of Hemlock from a forested area into a bustling community, highlighting the establishment of its first businesses, schools, and the pivotal role of the plank road in its growth. Personal…

Early History of Richland Township MI

This article delves into the foundational history of Richland Township, beginning with its precursor, Thomastown, and leading to Richland’s official organization in 1862. It highlights the pivotal role of the Tittabawassee River in the development of surrounding townships and outlines the process through which Richland emerged as its own entity, ready to elect officials and manage its affairs independently. Drawing from historical records, the narrative sheds light on the first township meeting, the election of officials, and the initial challenges faced by the pioneers. It also touches on the controversy surrounding the township’s naming by Lemuel Cone, offering a glimpse…

History of Hemlock School District

This article traces the origins and development of the Hemlock School District, also known as District Number Four, in Richland Township. Initially shrouded in mystery and tradition, the district’s history becomes clearer through the discovery of an old record book. The article details the establishment of the district in 1863, its early challenges, including a rapidly growing population due to nearby sawmills, and the evolution of its educational facilities over time. From humble beginnings with a small enrollment, the district expanded to accommodate the educational needs of a burgeoning community, reflecting the community’s commitment to education despite financial burdens and…

History of the Schools in Richland Township MI

This article explores the origins and evolution of the school system in Richland Township, tracing back to a time before the township’s official organization. Highlighting the establishment of District No. 5 as possibly the oldest school district, it delves into the early educational landscape, marked by rudimentary facilities and a pioneering spirit among settlers. The narrative reveals how education in Richland began with simple, community-driven efforts, reflecting on the challenges of early schooling, from teacher qualifications to the minimal resources available. Through historical records, the piece paints a vivid picture of the township’s commitment to education, offering insights into the…
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