Hillside Cemetery, Gun Plain Township, Michigan

Transcription of Hillside cemetery taken in 1938-1939 and containing all gravestones found at that time where the burial occurred before 1900. In addition, town records were consulted for additional information and burials where gravestone no longer existed.

Hillside Cemetery is one mile east of the village of Plainwell. It was opened in 1867. The following inscriptions were for the most part copied from graves in the old section in 1938 and 1939, and do not include any individual who died later than 1910 unless they seemed to be related to others on the same plot. The sub-divisions are lettered from “A” to “&” each made up of 27 plots of 8 lots of graves. The records which the Town Clerk has were consulted and burials noted therein but unmarked in the cemetery are given as: Abbott, (cr. Harriett B. d. Oct. 20, 1904). Where the Cemetery record differs from or has data additional to the inscription this is also given. Sub-division and plot number are indicated as: G11.

Hillside Cemetery

Type is poor but legible.

Surnames Found

Abbott, Acker, Adams, Adrianson, Aldrich, Allcott, Allen, Allport, Anderson, Anway, Archer, Armstrong, Arnole, Ash, Athey, Babcock, Bachelor, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Balden, Baldwin, Bannister, Barber, Barlacome, Barnes, Barranger, Barringer, Bartholomew, Barton, Baxter, Beaumont, Beedle, Bellingham, Bender, Bennett, Benson, Bills, Bilson, Bingham, Birchard, Bird, Blakley, Blakly, Bliss, Booth, Bowman, Bradigan, Bradley, Brakeman, Brennan, Bresson, Brezee, Brigham, Brignall, Brining, Brister, Bristel, Brock, Brophy, Brower, Brown, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckatew, Bullock, Bump, Burchett, Burdick, Burk, Burleigh, Burr, Burson, Burt, Burton, Bush, Button, Buxton, Call, Canfield, Carl, Carlisle, Carpenter, Carruthers, Carter, Cartright, Carveth, Case, Caswell, Catt, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chapman, Chappell, Chart, Clark, Clements, Cliddon, Closs, Cole, Colegrove, Collins, Collison, Conine, Conrad, Cook, Cooper, Copeland, Copp, Corbyn, Countryman, Cox, Crandall, Crawford, Cressey, Crispe, Cronk, Crosby, Curtis, Cushman, Daggett, Danbury, Daniels, Dann, Daubney, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dean, Delaney, Delano, DeLefebvre, DeMarse, Denison, DePew, Derr, Donoghue, Donovan, Doster, Duncan, Dunham, Dumwell, Durkee, Dwight, Eakright, Earl, Earle, East, Edson, Easley, eggleston, Elered, Elliboat, Ellis, Elser, Emerick, Engle, Estes, Fagan, Fager, Farbrother, Farwell, Faulk, Faunce, Fenner, Ferguson, Ferris, Fletcher, Foote, Forbes, Foreman, Foster, Fowler, Frink, Fullagar, Fuller, Gafney, Gainder, Garrett, Gaul, Gay, Gerry, Gilkey, Glynn, Godley, Goldsmith, Goldwood, Goodell, Goodman, Goss, Graabfelder, Grable, Graham, Granger, Graves, Gray, Greene, Griffith, Grimes, Grin, Haas, Haight, Haines, Halbert, Hall, Halsey, Hamblin, Hamilton, hanock, Harding, Harper, Harrington, Hart, Haskin, Hatfield, Havens, Hawks, Hawley, Hayes, Hazeldean, Heath, Herbert, Herman, Herrington, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hillman, Hitchcock, Holden, Holton, Honeysett, Hooker, Hooper, Hopkins, House, Housel, Howard, Howe, Howrigan, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hugo, Humbert, Humphrey, Huntley, Hyder, Ingraham, Irland, Isham, Ives, Jackson, Jager, James, Jameson, Jaseph, Jessup, Johnson, Jones, Keef, Keeler, Keith, Kellog, Kelso, Kenyon, Kershaw, kidwell, Kimble, King, Klein, Knapp, Knowlton, Koch, Kreighbaum, Kulp, Kutz, Labar, Laine, Lambert, Lamkin, Lantz, Lasher, Laudenslager, Lawler, Levitt, Like, Linton, Livingston, Lockwood, Lonnen, Lovelock, Lusk, Madden, Male, Manley, Mann, Mapes, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Masson, Maurice, McCausland, McElwain, McFarland, McGarrick, McGrath, McGregory, McIntire, McKay, McKeel, McMartin, McMichael, McNeal, McRoberts, Meister, Merrill, Mesick, Midnaugh, Miller, Mills, Millspaugh, Minar, Miner, Moore, Morgan, Morrell, Morris, Mott, Munn, Munroe, Murphy, Mussulman, Myers, Nash, Neal, Needham, Neeley, Negus, Nessmith, Newman, Nichols, Noble, Borman, Northrop, Norton, Olcutt, Onontiyoh, Osinge, Otto, Owen, Palmer, Pangborn, Parker, Parr, Parsons, Patterson, Pell, Pengelly, Peters, Petters, Pfeiffer, Phelps, Pierce, Pierson, Pike, Pinchin, Platt, Pogue, Polhemus, Poore, Potter, Powers, Pratt, Price, Purdy, Pursel, Purvis, Putnam, Pyles, Quintus, Raber, Randall, Rankin, Ransom, Reed, Reedman, Reynolds, Richards, Rikerd, Rinn, Robey, Robinson, Rogers, Roomsburg, Roomsburgh, Rosenkrans, Ross, Round, Rouse, Rumble, Rumery, Russell, Saunders, Schoonmaker, Scott, Shall, Shand, Shannessy, Sharpe, Shaw, Shaylor, Sheeley, Shell, Shellman, Shepard, Sherman, Sherwood, Shineville, Shook, Shugars, Siddall, Slate, Slover, Smith, Snyder, Soule, Spencer, Stafford, Starr, Stearns, Sterling, Sternburg, Stewart, Still, Stoddard, Storms, Stout, Stratton, Struble, Stuart, Stuck, Sturden, Duthard, Sutherland, Sutter, Swan, Swastopskie, Talbot, Taylor, Teachouse, Teddes, Teller, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Sinker, Todd, Tomb, Tombs, Tomlinson, Town, Townsend, Trafferd, Travis, Trowbridge, Truitt, Tubes, Tucker, Tway, Upton, Valentine, Vallence, Van Akin, Van Buren, Van Born, Van Nortwick, Wait, Walbridge, Walker, Walton, Warner, Warrant, Warren, Warwick, Weaver, Webster, Weeks, Wells, Wenham, Wentworth, West, Wheater, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Whitney, Wiggins, Wilber, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Winchester, Wing, Winter, Wise, Witt, Wood, Woodard, Woodhams, Woodruff, Wright, Wynne, Young.


Monteith, Ruth Marian Robbins, Cemetery Inscriptions of Allegan County, Michigan, Martin, Michigan : R.R. Monteith, 1952.

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