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Michigan Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Michigan ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Michigan history.

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  • Richland : its sons and daughters
    “Richland: Its Sons and Daughters” by Lorenz H. Loesel offers a comprehensive review of the first century of Richland Township, located in Saginaw County, Michigan. Authored in the aftermath of the township’s centennial celebrations in 1962, the book emerges from a deep-seated interest in local heritage among the community’s residents—an interest that prompted the Richland Township Board to commission and fund this work, with hopes of recouping the investment through book sales. The book covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the early pioneers like Lemuel and Martin Cone to the development of local infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and schools, including the history of the Hemlock School District. It delves into the civic, religious, and educational growth of the township, spotlighting key figures and events that have shaped its trajectory. The narrative also touches on challenges faced by the community, including pandemics and disasters like the 1906 fire of Hemlock, Michigan, showcasing the resilience and solidarity of its people.

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Biography of Col. Aaron T. Bliss

Colonel Aaron T. Bliss was a distinguished lumberman, Civil War hero, and political figure from Saginaw Valley. Born in New York in 1837 to a family with deep English roots, he became a successful businessman, co-founding A.T. Bliss & Company after overcoming hardships including six months as a prisoner of war. Bliss’s political career flourished as he served as a state senator, Congressman, and two-term Governor of Michigan. He contributed significantly to his community, supporting charitable causes, education, and the Methodist Church. Bliss passed away in 1906, leaving a legacy of wealth creation, patriotic service, and political achievement, and was…

Biography of Benton Hanchett

Benton Hanchett, a respected lawyer from New York, moved to Michigan in 1858, becoming a key legal figure there. His educational journey led from local schools to the State and National Law School. His legal career included various partnerships, extending his practice to the highest US courts. Politically, he served as Shiawassee County’s prosecuting attorney, Saginaw City’s mayor, and on the Union School District board, but declined a Supreme Court of Michigan appointment. Near the end of President Harrison’s term, he was nearly appointed Circuit Court of Appeals Justice. Hanchett was twice married, fathering two children. Beyond law, he held…

Biography of Eleazer Jesse Ring

Eleazer J. Ring, born in 1824 in Massachusetts, became a prominent lumberman in Saginaw Valley, Michigan. He started as an ambitious educator at sixteen before moving to Ontario, Canada, and then to Ohio, where he entered the lumber business. By forming partnerships and wisely purchasing timberlands, Ring established successful operations that supplied lumber throughout the northeast. After 25 years, he retired in 1887. Ring married Anne E. Clarke and had three surviving children. Known for his integrity and kind demeanor, he was esteemed in business and personal life. Ring, who was well-read and had a fine appreciation for music, died…

Biography of Thomas Merrill

Thomas Merrill, though not the earliest pioneer of the Saginaw Valley lumber business, became a significant figure in the industry. Born on April 13, 1815, in Carmel, Maine, he initially worked in farming and local lumbering. In 1849, he owned a sawmill and by 1856, he relocated to Michigan, forging a successful lumbering operation alongside partners like Cyrus Woodman and Henry Corwith, handling massive quantities of lumber without loss. With lumbering’s decline, Merrill diversified into other enterprises and real estate. He married Miss Marie Benjamin and had three children. Respected for his reliability and integrity, Merrill died in 1912 as…

Biography of Willis T. Knowlton

Willis T. Knowlton, born July 30, 1848 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, played a pivotal role in logging and lumber operations in Michigan and Minnesota alongside Ammi W. Wright for nearly four decades. From a family of shipbuilders, Knowlton’s business acumen flourished after moving to Chicago in 1864. His career took a significant turn after the great Chicago fire of 1871, eventually leading to his partnership with Wright. The successful merger of several business entities into the A. W. Wright Lumber Company saw annual production reach thirty million feet of logs. The business concluded in 1902 when the timber reserves were…

Biography of Farnam Chickering Stone

Farnam Chickering Stone, born into a Puritan lineage on November 17, 1836, in Vermont, demonstrated inherent business acumen from a young age, venturing from selling root beer to clerking in a drug store. Relocating to Saginaw City in 1867, Stone quickly became significant in regional commerce, partnering with Ammi W. Wright and co-founding several enterprises, notably Wells, Stone & Company, which diversified from grocery to lumber trading. Involved in numerous companies and directorships, Stone’s ventures notably contributed to Northern Michigan’s commercial history. Despite eschewing political office, Stone was civically engaged, supporting education and infrastructure in Saginaw. He donated generously to…
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