Portrait and Biographical Album of Genesee Lapeer and Tuscola Counties

Portrait and biographical record of Genesee, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, Michigan

Biography of Myron A. Tibbits, M.D. of Linden Michigan

Myron A. Tibbits, a native of Middlesex County, Ontario, born 5 Feb 1850. His father, Nelson Tibbits, was a Vermonter by birth and a farmer by occupation, although he pursued blacksmithing during the early part of his life. After five years spent in the lumber district Dr. Tibbits removed in January, 1883, to Linden Michigan where he enjoyed a large practice. He was married June 5, 1881, to Miss Viola Moon, a native of New York and a daughter of the Rev. Orrin J. Moon, a Vermonter by birth and a minister in the Free Will Baptist Church.

Governor Edwin B. Winans

Biography of Governor Edwin B. Winans

Hon. Edwin B. Winans, who began his duties as Governor of Michigan, January 1, 1891, is a son of the Empire State, of which his parents also were natives. From German ancestry on the father’s side, he derives the instincts of frugality and careful consideration of ways and means, and these are strengthened by the substantial traits of the Puritan forefathers of his mother. Both lines have transmitted to him the love of country and home that has led thousands into untrodden wilds where they might secure that which would be for the future good of themselves and posterity. John …

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Governor Cyrus Gray Luce

Biography of Governor Cyrus Gray Luce

Cyrus Gray Luce, Governor of Michigan, combines in his character the substantial traits of the New England ancestry of his father, and the chivalrous and hospitable elements peculiar to the southerners, which came to him from his mother’s side of the house. The New Englanders, active in the cause of American Liberty, after this desired result was accomplished, turned their attention to the growth and development of the country which their noble daring had constituted independent of foreign rule. The privations they endured and the struggles from which they had achieved victory built up in them those qualities which in …

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Gen. Russell A. Alger

Biography of Gen. Russell A. Alger

Russell A. Alger, Governor of Michigan for the term commencing Jan. 1, 1885, was born in Lafayette Township, Median Co., Ohio, Feb. 27, 1836. Having lived a temperate life, he is a comparative young man in appearance, and possesses those mental faculties that are the distinguishing characteristics of robust, mature and educated manhood. When 11 years of age both his parents died, leaving him with a younger brothers and sister to support and without any of the substantial means of existence. Lacking the opportunity of better employment, he worked on a farm, in Richfield, Ohio, for the greater part of …

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Governor Josiah W. Begole

Biography of Governor Josiah W. Begole

Josiah W. Begole, the present (1883) Governor of Michigan was born in Livingston County, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1815. His ancestors were of French descent, and settled at an early period in the State of Maryland, His grandfather, Capt. Bolles, of that State, was an officer in the American army during the war of the Revolution. About the beginning of the present century both his grandparents, having become dissatisfied with the institution of slavery, although slave-holders themselves, emigrated to Livingston county, N. Y., then a new county, taking with than a number of their former slaves, who volunteered to accompany …

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Governor David H. Jerome

Biography of Governor David H. Jerome

David H. Jerome, governor of from Jan. 1, 1881, to Jan. 1, 1883, was born at Detroit, Mich., Nov. 17, 1829. His parents emigrated to Michigan from Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., N. Y., in 1828, locating at Detroit. His father died march 30, 1831, leaving nine children. He had been twice married, and four of his children living at the time of his death were grown up sons, the offspring of his first union. Of the five children by his second marriage, David H. was the youngest. Shortly after Mr. Jerome’s death, his widow moved back to New York and settled …

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